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Gallagher R H Captain Machine Gun Corps The Graphic 7th July 1915Gardiner W E M Lt 5th London Regiment The Graphic 2nd Aug 1916Gardner S D Lt Col CMG MC 7th Attd 38th Canadian Infantry The Graphic 9th Oct 1918Garland J R Captain 2nd London Regiment The Graphic 1st Aug 1916Garlies Lt Lord Scots Guards The Graphic 17th Dec 1918Garner W CPO RoyalAir Force The Graphic 10th July 1918Gatacre W Captain Kings Own Yorkshire Light Infantry The Graphic 4th Sep 1914Gaunt G Sir Rear Admiral KCMG Royal Navy The Graphic 23rd Nov 1918Gee R Captain VC 2nd Royal Fusiliers The Graphic 20th Nov 1918Gee R Captain VC MC 2nd Royal Fusiliers The Graphic 13th July 1918Gennings C 2nd Lt 7th East Surrey Regiment The Graphic 23rd Aug 1916Gibbs H Lt Royal Air Force The Graphic 11th July 1918Gibbs J A C Lt Col West Riding Regiment The Graphic 4th Sep 1914Gibbs W Coxswain Port Enyon Lifeboat Graphic 4.1Gibson M M Mrs MM WAAC The Graphic 5th Oct 1918Gill K C Captain MC Royal Air Force The Graphic 2nd Nov 1918Gillen D Sergt Royal Inniskilling Fusiliers Graphic 16.2Glass R E L Captain Middlesex Regiment The Graphic 9th Sep 1914Godby C Brig Gen General Staff The Graphic 4th Oct 1916Godsal A E Comm DSO Royal Navy The Graphic 24th July 1918