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Parker A Lt Col 5th Lancers The Graphic 7th Sep 1914Payne-Gallwey W T Captain Grenadier Guards The Graphic 8th Oct 1914Paynter G C B Brig Gen DSO The Graphic 21st Oct 1918Pearce E H Canon Army Chaplains The Graphic 8.1.16Pearce-Serocold E Brig Gen CMG General Staff The Graphic 1st Nov 1918Peck C W Lt Col VC DSO + Bar 16th Canadian Infantry The Graphic 15th Nov 1918Peirse R Admiral KCB KBE MVO Royal Navy The Graphic 13th Dec 1918Pelham-Burn H L 2nd Lt Gordon Highlanders The Graphic 14th Sep 1914Pellew E A H 2nd Lt (Viscount Exmouth) Royal Air Force The Graphic 23rd July 1918Pendlebury C L Lt MC 6th Gloucestershire Regiment The Graphic 21st Oct 1918Pennyman J B W Lt Kings Own Scottish Borderers The Graphic 4th Sep 1914Pentreath D Miss QMAAC The Graphic 11th Oct 1918Percy E Pte 14th London Regt Graphic 20.1.16Perry E W C Lt Royal Flying Corps Caption The Graphic 20th Aug 1914Perry E W C Lt Royal Flying Corps The Graphic 20th Aug 1914Philby O G B Lt Somerset Light Infantry The Graphic 16th Sep 1914Phillips R E G Lt Royal Irish Regiment The Graphic 14th Sep 1914Picton-Warlow I Captain Gordon Highlanders The Graphic 10th Sep 1914Pike P R Sergt 1498 DCM 13th London Regiment The Graphic 15th July 1915Pike W E Pte Royal Army Medical Corps The Graphic 10th July 1915