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Sadlier C W K Lt VC Australian Infantry The Graphic 12th July 1918Salter W Captain 17th Middlesex Regiment The Graphic 25th Aug 1916Samson P E Lt 5th Kings Liverpool Regiment The Graphic 26th Oct 1918Sandford R D Lt VC Royal Navy The Graphic 6th Dec 1918Sandford R D Lt VC Sub C3 Royal Navy The Graphic 24th July 1918Sandys E T F Lt Col DSO 2nd Middlesex Regiment The Graphic 15th Sep 1916Sandys E T F Lt Col DSO 2nd Middlesex Regiment The Graphic 23rd Sep 1916Saunderson H L/Cpl Canadian Infantry The Graphic 19th Oct 1918Savage J R B 2nd Lt Royal Flying Corps The Graphic 26th July 1916Saxon K R J Captain MC New Zealand Rifle Brigade Gray Captain MC NZEF The Graphic 11th Nov 1918Scott F G Rev CMG DSO Canadian Chaplains The Graphic 7th Nov 1918Scott J T Matron The Graphic 17th July 1918Scott J W Captain MC Royal Army Medical Corps The Graphic 26th Aug 1916Scott-Moncrieff R Lt Royal Scots The Graphic 14th Sep 1914Scott-Turner A Major Royal Berkshire Regiment The Graphic 5th Sep 1914Seaman E Pte VC MM 42364 2nd Royal Inniskilling Fusiliers The Graphic 15th Nov 1918Sewell B C C Lt Royal West Kent Regiment The Graphic 4th Sep 1914Seymour A G Major Scots Greys The Graphic 7th Sep 1914Seymour H C Captain Lord Grenadier Guards The Graphic 15th Sep 1914Sheehan D D Captain Royal Munster Fusiliers The Graphic 12th Dec 1918