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WAACs Who Have Finished A Course Of Training At Pitmans School Southampton RowWakefield R O B Lt Royal Irish Fusiliers The Graphic 16th Sep 1914Waldron F F Lt Royal Flying Corps The Graphic 31st Aug 1916Walford L N Lt 12th London Regiment The Graphic 30th July 1915Walker O A Lt Col Army Ordnance Corps The Graphic 31st Dec 1918Walker O B Captain 15th Hussars The Graphic 7th Sep 1914Waller H J LSergt DCM The Graphic 23rd Feb 1916Walter B Major DSO Royal Field Artillery The Graphic 5th Oct 1916Walter R Lt 1st Life Guards The Graphic 21st Sep 1916Wanklyn F A Captain MC Royal Flying Corps The Graphic 19th July 1915Ward A C Captain Lancashire Fusiliers The Graphic 8th Sep 1914Ward C S Lt 10th R Warwickshire Regiment The Graphic 18.1.16Ward G E S Surgeon Royal Navy The Graphic 4th July 1918Ward J Col 18th Middlesex Regiment The Graphic 6th Dec 1918Warwick-Brooke J Sergt DCM 2nd King Edwards Horse Graphic 15.1.16Watkin-Williams P L Captain Royal Army Medical Corps DSO Citation The Graphic 21st Aug 1916Weale H Cpl VC 14th Royal Welsh Fusiliers The Graphic 18th Nov 1918Webb R Rear Admiral CB Royal Navy The Graphic 16th Oct 1918Webster E CSM Royal Inniskilling Fusiliers The Graphic 2nd Oct 1918Weir F S Eng Lt HMS Britannia Royal Navy The Graphic 14th Nov 1918