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Acklom S Lt Col DSO MC Highland Light InfantryAddis T H L Lt MC Royal Dublin FusiliersAnderson W H Major VC 12th Highland Light InfantryAnderson W K Lt Black WatchAsquith H D Captain Royal Field ArtilleryBalfour A S Lt Royal Flying CorpsBarron C F Cpl VC 3rd Canadian InfantryBeal E F 2nd Lt VC 13th Yorkshire RegimentBeith J H 2nd Lt MC Argyll And Sutherland HighlandersBell B G A 2nd Lt Royal Air ForceBest-Dunkley B Lt Col VC 4th Lancashire FusiliersBion K N Captain MC Notts And Derby RegimentBirks F 2nd Lt VC Australian Imperial ForceBishop W A Captain VC Royal Flying CorpsBooker C D Major DSC Royal Air ForceBorton A D Lt Col VC 22nd London RegimentBrooke R Sub Lt Hood Btn RN DivBrooke R Sub Lt Hood Btn RN Div GraveBuchan J C 2nd Lt VC Argyll And Sutherland HighlandersBudd E Captain MC Irish Guards