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Eagles C E C Major DSO RMLI The Sphere 11th May 1918East A T 2nd Lt Indian Army The Sphere 19th Feb 1916East H H Rev Army Chaplain The Sphere 13th Oct 1917East L W P Brig Gen CMG DSO RA The Sphere 12th Oct 1918Eastgate-Smith C W Captain 2nd Manchester Regt The Sphere 28th Sep 1918Eaton A R C Lt 1st Beds Regt The Sphere 21st Sep 1918Eaton H 2nd Lt Gloucs Regt The Sphere 13th Oct 1917Eddison R de P 2nd Lt Loyal North Lancs Regt The Sphere 15th Nov 1917Eddison T D Lt Kings Liverpool RegimentEdgar J M Captain South Staffs Regt The Sphere 18th May 1918Edlmann E E Major DSO Royal Garrison Artillery The Sphere 15th May 1915Edmond-Jenkins W H Major 25th Northumberland Fusiliers (Tyneside Irish) The Sphere 19th Aug 1916Edmondson C A Lt Hood Bn. R.N. Div.Royal Naval Volunteer Reserve The Sphere 13th Jan 1917Edmondstone N S Lt London Regt The Sphere 20th Apr 1918Edmonstone W G Lt 2nd Coldstream Guards The Sphere 23rd Dec 1916Edmundson C R E Captain MC 8th York Lancs RegimentEdwardes C Captain The Hon Tank Corps The Sphere 26th Jan 1918Edwards C O Captain RE The Sphere 22nd Jan 1916Edwards F A L 2nd Lt MC Royal Berkshire RegimentEdwards G J Captain London Regt attd KRRC The Sphere 20th Sep 1917