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Gaffikin G H Major 9th Royal Irish Rifles The Sphere 23rd Sep 1916Gagliardi L P Captain Indian Army The Sphere 6th July 1918Gaisford W T Lt Col Seaforth Highlanders The Sphere 6th Nov 1915Gaitskell C E Lt Leinster Regiment The Sphere 5th Dec 1914Galbraith D B 2nd Lt 7th HLI The Sphere 25th Sep 1915Galbraith N D Lt 7th HLI The Sphere 28th Sep 1918Galbraith W B Lt 7th Highland Light Infantry The Sphere 21st Aug 1915Gammell H S Captain MC Gordon Highlanders The Sphere 5th Oct 1918Gammon R L Lt AIF The Sphere 20th Sep 1917Gamon S P Captain RFC The Sphere 27th Apr 1918Gandy C J 2nd Lt RE The Sphere 15th Sep 1917Gardiner A Major Royal Engineers The Sphere 28th Aug 1915Gardiner E F Lt MC 3rd Seaforth Highlanders The Sphere 16th June 1917Gardiner S T 2nd Lt Royal Engineers The Sphere 23rd Sep 1916Gardner C G Lt 3rd Grenadier Guards The Sphere 23rd Dec 1916Gardner C Lt 6th Argyll and Sutherland Highlanders The Sphere 25th Nov 1916Gardner G D 2nd Lt 9th Suffolk Regiment The Sphere 2nd Dec 1916Gardner R O Captain 3rd Monmouthshire Regiment The Sphere 26th Jun 1915Gardner S D Col CMG DSO 7th CEF The Sphere 2nd Nov 1918Garnett K G Lt MC RFA The Sphere 20th Oct 1917