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Nairn I C Captain MC + Bar Fife & Forfar Yeomanry The Sphere 12th Oct 1918Nairne C M Major Lord 1st Royal Dragoons The Sphere 7th Nov 1914Nancarrow J V Captain 4th Yorkshire Regiment The Sphere 29th May 1915Napier M A Major Cheshire Regiment Attd Welsh Regiment The Sphere 15th July 1916Napier W L Major Sir 4th South Wales Borderers The Sphere 25th Sep 1915Nash F H Captain MC North Staffs Regiment The Sphere 8th Sep 1917Nash L C Captain 2nd KRRC The Sphere 13th Nov 1915Nason J W W Flight Comm Royal Flying Corps The Sphere 3rd February 1917Naylor E L Lt South Staffs Regt attd Royal Warwickshire Regiment The Sphere 26th Jan 1918Naylor J Lt RAMC The Sphere 14th July 1917Naylor W B 2nd Lt 6th Duke of Wellington's (West Riding Regiment) The Sphere 9th Dec 1916Neale G H Lt Col 3rd Middx Regt The Sphere 20th Nov 1915Neale H C T Lt 1st Northamptonshire Regiment The Sphere 9th Sep 1916Neave A L W Captain Indian Army The Sphere 26th Oct 1918Needham L Lt DSC HMS Godetia Royal Naval Reserve The Sphere 20th Mar 1919Needham R L Lt 4th Hampshire Regiment The Sphere 8th Apr 1916Ness-Walker W P Captain MC Royal Field Artillery The Sphere 9th Mar 1918Neville T V T T Captain 3rd Dragoon Guards The Sphere 26th Jun 1915Neville W S Lt Royal Garrison Artillery The Sphere 6th Jan 1917Newall L 2nd Lt 1st London Regiment The Sphere 2nd Oct 1915