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Padday W H Captain Indian Army Sphere 16th Jan 1915Page J K S Captain MC 9th R Warwicks Regt The Sphere 12th Oct 1918Page L St A Captain RFC The Sphere 28th Sep 1918Paine G G Captain MC R Berks Regt The Sphere 18th May 1918Palfrey R 2nd Lt R Warwicks Regt The Sphere 5th May 1917Palmer A P Captain DSO 1st Welsh Guards The Sphere 23rd Oct 1915Palmer C H Lt Col 9th R Warwicks Regt The Sphere 11th Mar 1916Palmer C W Lt Royal Flying Corps Sphere 3rd June 1916Palmer J S 2nd Lt 2nd Durham Light Infantry The Sphere 3rd February 1917Palmer R J A Lt 1st Wiltshire Regiment The Sphere 16th Sep 1916Palmer W H E H Captain 20th Rifle Brigade The Sphere 22nd Jan 1916Palmer W L 2nd Lt 3rd Monmouthshire Regiment The Sphere 5th Jun 1915Palmer W S M Lt Col Northumberland Fusiliers The Sphere 20th Mar 1919Papineau T M Major MC CEF The Sphere 15th Dec 1917Park A St J Major MC RFA The Sphere 16th May 1917Parke A Captain 8th Lancashire Fusiliers The Sphere 28th Dec 1918Parke W H Captain 6th Connaught Rangers The Sphere 23rd Dec 1916Parker A 2nd Lt London Regt The Sphere 26th Jan 1918Parker A E Captain Black Watch Sphere 23rd Jan 1915Parker B S Captain 2nd Hants Regt The Sphere 4th Dec 1915