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Raban R B C Lt Col Indian Army Attd 13th Royal Scots The Sphere 8th July 1916Raby W D 2nd Lt 2nd R Welsh Fus The Sphere 16th Nov 1918Radcliff H T Captain Leinster Regiment The Sphere 29th May 1915Radcliffe J D H Captain 7th Kings Royal Rifle Corps The Sphere 28th Aug 1915Radford A L Captain 9th Kings Liverpool Regiment The Sphere 24th Jul 1915Rae M H Nurse New Zealand Nursing Service The Sphere 22nd Apr 1916Rail R A Lt Coldstream Guards The Sphere 8th Dec 1917Raine H Lt Royal Engineers The Sphere 22nd June 1918Rainey V T J 2nd Lt Devon Regt The Sphere 22nd Dec 1917Raley W H 2nd Lt 5th York Lancs Regiment The Sphere 14th Aug 1915Raley W H G Captain Yorkshire Regiment The Sphere 14th Aug 1915Ralph P J G Captain R Irish Regt The Sphere 20th Sep 1917Rampf A 2nd Lt South African Infantry The Sphere 6th Jan 1917Ramsay A Comm The Hon DSO Royal Navy The Sphere 4th Jan 1919Ramsay D G Lt 2nd Royal Sussex Regiment Sphere 16th Jan 1915Ramsay D W Lt Notts And Derby Regiment Sphere 3.6.16Ramsay S Captain DSO Loyal North Lancs Regt The Sphere 11th Aug 1917Ramsbotham G B Lt 3rd Royal Sussex Regiment The Sphere 16th Oct 1915Ramsey F B Lt Hood Btn RNVR The Sphere 4th Sep 1915Randall H E 2nd Lt 7th King's Shropshire Light Infantry The Sphere 20th Mar 1919