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Tahourdin P R 2nd Lt Indian Army Sphere 3.6.16Tahourdin S M Major Indian Army The Sphere 18th Mar 1916Tait T H Lt A & S Highlanders The Sphere 1st Sep 1917Talbot A D Captain 1st Lancashire Fusiliers The Sphere 7th Aug 1915Talbot T E Lt RFA The Sphere 22nd June 1918Tanner J C Captain RNAS The Sphere 31st Aug 1918Tanner T G Lt RFC The Sphere 15th Dec 1917Tapp T A Captain MC Coldstream Guards attd MGC The Sphere 22nd Dec 1917Tate C B Captain R Irish Rifles The Sphere 25th Aug 1917Tate F H Captain KRRC The Sphere 9th Feb 1918Tate G C 2nd Lt 2nd East Yorkshire Regiment The Sphere 15th May 1915Tatham J S 2nd Lt 9th King's Royal Rifle Corps Attd King's Own (Royal Lancaster Regiment) The Sphere 24th Mar 1917Tatham W I Sub Lt HM Sub H3 Royal Navy The Sphere 9th Sep 1916Tatum H Major Indian Army The Sphere 12th Dec 1914Tawse J G Captain RFA The Sphere 23rd June 1917Taylor A A C Captain R Dublin Fusiliers The Sphere 11th Sep 1915Taylor A D Captain RFC The Sphere 19th Oct 1918Taylor C G Captain HMS Tiger RN The Sphere 13th Feb 1915Taylor C H Lt 10th West Yorks Regt The Sphere 12th Feb 1916Taylor C Major R Irish Regt The Sphere 3rd Nov 1917