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WW1 Officers In A Dug OutWW1 Officers In A Dug Out
Modified 15-Jul-22
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2nd Lt G H Woolley Winning His VC At Hill 60A Belgian Child With No FearA Blazing Farmhouse On The Western FrontA Brave Able Seaman Carrying A Comrade Down To Safety On HMS InflexibleA British Aeroplane Attacking A German Dispatch CarA British Armoured Tank Approaching A German TrenchA British Despatch Rider Enjoying Refreshment In A French VillageA British Destroyer Overhauls A Neutral Ship To Search For ContrabandA British Hospital Ship Leaving A French Port At Night TimeA British Officer Searching For Germans Who Tap Into British WiresA British Soldier Comforting A Dying French Soldier On The BattlefieldA British Soldier In A Conquered Enemy TrenchA Chauffeur Of The WAAC Starts The Engine Of An Officer's CarA Christmas Letter Home From The TrenchesA Dog Trying To Defend His Home Duing The German Occupation Of Vailly On The AisneA Faithful Horse Alone And Terrified On The Battle FieldA French Recruit Amoung VeteransA Gas Attack On The British TrenchesA Little Girl Struck By A Shell In The Village Brought To See The British SoldiersA Member Of The Military Police Regulating Traffic Between The Firing Line And The Reserves

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