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A Roll Call Of The Australians On The Beach Near Gaba TepeA Roll Call Of The Australians On The Beach Near Gaba Tepe
Modified 17-Feb-22
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5th Royal Irish Fusiliers In The Trenches Gallipoli12 Inch Guns Firing On A British Battleship In The DardanellesA Battery Of French 75s On A Sand RidgeA Battlefield On GallipoliA Box Stretcher Hoisting Wounded Soldiers On To A Red Cross ShipA Boxing Match At The DardanellesA Brave Able Seaman Carrying A Comrade Down To Safety On HMS InflexibleA British Landing In GallipoliA British Machine Gunner At Work In The Trenches In GallipoliA British Soldier Sleeping On A Bed Of Live ShellsA British Soldiers Trying To Keep Of Flies In GallipoliA Cat And Her Kittens Aboard A Ship In The DardanellesA Concert On Board A Battleship Before The Landing In The DardanellesA Corner Of Anzac Territory On GallipoliA Cruiser Off To The Aid Of British Transport Ship In The DardanellesA Daily Service On Board A Battleship In The DardanellesA Dressing Station With An Operation In Progress In The DardanellesA Machine Gun In The Trenches At GallipoliA Naval Landing Part Coming In To Kum Kaleh At The Entrance To The DardanellesA Pet On Board One Of The British Naval Craft In The Dardanelles

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