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Primrosing In The 1960s

June 30, 2017  •  Leave a Comment

   I recently was given some photos of a family with the description "Primrosing In Canwick Lincolnshire Spring 1960". It was a term I had never seen before and after research found it referred to the practice of people going out to the countryside and picking wild primroses in the spring. Presumably this was a popular pastime at the time as there was so much countryside with an abundance of wild flowers. I would think in present times it would frowned upon but it's lovely to look back at a time when days out were as restful and simple as this.

UK Photo Archive: Primrosing In Canwick Lincolnshire Spring 1960 &emdash; Primrosing (Picking Primroses) Canwick Lincolnshire Spring 1960


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