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Picnicking On The Banks Of The River Trent In Laneham 1961Picnicking On The Banks Of The River Trent In Laneham 1961A photo of a family picnicking on the banks of the River Trent in Laneham taken on the 17th Aug 1961. In the back ground is their Morris Minor registration number 3499 RF.


EAGLES Anthony : Photo

EASSON Alice : Photo

EASSON David : Photo and Photo

EASSON Helen (Nellie) : Photo and Photo

EASSON Jessie : Photo and Photo

EASSON Mary (Polly) : Photo and Photo


EBDEN Derrick : Photo

EBDEN N : Photo

EDGAR David : Photo

EDGECOMBE Howard Trethewen : Photo

EDWARDS A : Photo , Photo , PhotoPhoto and Photo

EDWARDS W : Photo , Photo and Photo

EGAN M: Photo

ELLIOTT Shirley A : Photo

ELLIS Kevin : Photo

ELLIS Maureen : Photo

ELLWOOD David : Photo

ELPHICK Daisy : Photo

ENGLAND Ronald W : Photo

ENGLISH K N : School Photo

EVANS C : Photo

EVANS Mildred : Photo

EYLES Elsie May (Nee Edgecock) : Photo

EYTON W J : Photo