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The Gardeners In Ashtead Park c.1890The Gardeners In Ashtead Park c.1890Second row from the top, second from the left head gardener Edward Chitty (b.1842) His wife Harriet Chitty (b.1844) seated on the left of photo and their son Arthur Chitty (b.1875) seated front row on right with his hands crossed resting on his knee.
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A Domestic Servant In Ashtead Park 1894The Ashtead Burial Guild 1895The Denshire Family Outside Ashtead House 1861The Gardeners In Ashtead Park c.1890The Wedding Of Isabella Denshire And Henry Bailey At Ashtead House Surrey 8th November 1870The Wedding Of Selina Denshire And Charles Wilde Ashtead House Surrey 24th July 1872

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