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George Riddington Hutchings

George Riddington Hutchings

President of Sutton Rotary Club 1924-1925. George Riddington Hutchings was born in Dorchester, Dorset on the 22nd Feb 1859. His father John Stoakes Hutchings and his mother Ann Hutchings (Nee Riddington) died within a year of each other in 1864 and 1865 leaving George an orphan at just 6 years old and in the care of The London Orphan Asylum Clapton. The official report for the London Orphan Asylum stated their mission was ‘to afford maintenance, instruction and clothing to destitute orphans of both sexes, and to put them out in situations where they may have the prospect of an honest livelihood’. The orphanage helped George who became a master baker. After marrying Ruth Westover in 1883 he opened a confectionary shop at 9 Lee Road Charlton, London. By 1901 George had moved his shop to Sutton High Street, first at number 34, then at number 8. George and Ruth had seven children and lived in Sutton until the 1930s when they moved to Merrow near Guildford and George died in 1930 aged 71. He is buried in St John the Evangelist churchyard Merrow